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…because you deserve it!

Happiness + Acceptance doesn’t come from a 90 day program.

It comes from being consistent your whole life.

  • Get access to all of Kenz the Yogi’s tips and tricks for a life of happiness and acceptance like yoga flows, chakra work, TED Talks, guided meditations, sound healings, and more!

  • Enhance your life journey with a community of like-minded, happy-seeking people through a private Kenz the Yogi Chat Room

  • Have 24 hour access to Kenz through a personal messaging service for guidance to a happier + healthier you.

  • Engage in two monthly LIVE Q+A's

  • Try out Kenz's favorite fueling recipes

  • Join in on monthly themes and challenges

Choose your pricing plan

  • Best Value

    The Kenz Membership

    Every month
    Perfect for people who want to live in abundance.
    • 24/7 Chat Access with Kenzie
    • Personal Blog Access
    • Healing Tips and Tricks
    • Community Chat Room
    • Applicable Life Resources
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