My "Job"

I teach you how to remove the veil of limiting beliefs, trauma, and fears you have deep-rooted. I help implement easily tangible steps into your daily life which ultimately manifests into a happier, healthier life FULL of abundance.


When you heal, you naturally have the power to heal those around you.


Hi beautiful souls! I'm Kenz.

My story here, it’s nothing special. It’s actually quite ordinary. I was a creative & smart child. I was a party girl in high school & college. I had my fair share of poor life decisions. I dealt with a disease young, met my husband young, got married young & had kids YOUNG. I grew up fast in a lot of ways. I see why now, the knowledge I have obtained will help heal so many beautiful souls. 


I spent years feeling like the black sheep when really I was a super rare, magical butterfly. I shine my light on others because I was tired of being stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious, the list goes on. Stress makes you I choose to heal.


I give clarity to your mindset, faith to your future, and power in yourself so you can simply step into the beautiful being YOU are.  I found all the tools needed to manifest a life of abundance & now it is my mission to share that with every BEING I meet. Through my training with two wonderful mentors (a reiki master & a yoga teacher), I am able to combine my knowledge with my life lessons to deliver light to that darkness where your happiness hides. 

YOU deserve a life too, that’s effortlessly beautiful & full of everything you desire.


Remember, a lot of us have the same story just different details.


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